Stamegna Retail Management connects buyers with sellers to support the rollout of exciting new consumer products on the market.

Thanks to its growing presence in Asia, North America, and the Middle East, suppliers and retailers can now benefit from world-class services available within the European continent and beyond. Attendees can meet face-to-face with established industry buyers and suppliers and experienced peer professionals in category-relevant cities and super-charge their business networking in just a couple of days.

Rather than exhibitions, Stamegna Network Events offer a full day of pre-scheduled meetings with only relevant buyers and suppliers for each category. 

This autumn, the company is organizing the 2021 Stamegna Network - Central and Eastern European All Food & Beverages and All Health & Beauty Category Events, held in wonderful Budapest, at the Hilton Castle Hotel.

At the category-specific four-day Event, international suppliers will be negotiating with top European retail chains and distributors that are looking for new brands for their assortment.

For Food and Beverages, the following categories will be represented:

Snacks, Condiments, Baby Food, Dry Grocery, Canned Food, Confectionery, Supplements, Dairy, Seasonal, Frozen Food, Alcoholic- and non-alcoholic Beverages, Coffee and Tea.

The Health & Beauty Category will appear with the following subcategories: Makeup, Skin Care, Body care, Fragrances, Haircare, Face Care, Nail Care, Natural & Organic Cosmetics, Men's Beauty & Grooming, SPA &Wellness, Baby Care, Personal Care, OTC, Vitamins and supplements and Oral Care. 

Among the requested product types there are present Gourmet, Ethnic, Healthy, Organic/Bio, Plant-based, Free from, Cruelty-free, CBD, and vegan product features also.

During the 2 days of networking in a luxurious 5* environment, all retailers and distributors will have a full day of pre-scheduled meetings of 30 or 10 minutes, a Showplace provided for each to arrange their samples and marketing materials, the Buyers’ and Suppliers’ Contact book with all the information of attending Participants.

But the work is not done yet, as Stamegna offers immediate follow-up support also and the benefit from numerous marketing tools that help increase the brand’s visibility and exclusive access and registration fees when joining upcoming Stamegna Live Events.

The Stamegna Company Mission is “To generate new opportunities for our FMCG clients to meet leading retail partners in the best possible environments, at the most competitive cost.”

Stamegna takes care of the industry networks so you can focus on your business growth!